After SMP – What to Expect the First Week After Treatment


You’ve scheduled your first scalp micropigmentation (SMP) session and you’re excited to get started. After months or even years of dealing with male pattern baldness and thinning hair, this hair loss solution will finally give you the confidence you need to live your life again. What can you expect?

Scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic tattooing process in which special pigments will be used to simulate hair follicles on your scalp. The end result will be a ‘shaved head’ appearance. While you may have studied how this treatment works, many guys are not sure about what comes after that first session. Here are the most frequently asked questions on the scalp micropigmentation process to help you understand how your aftercare should play out.

Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare: FAQ

Can I go back to work? It depends on what you do for a living. If you work behind a desk in a climate controlled environment, then yes, you can return to work immediately. If you are a roofer, a production worker, or do anything that requires medium to heavy physical activity, then taking a few days off will be beneficial.

For three days after the treatment, clients are advised to avoid sweating, running, and participating in any type of cardio activity, (including the gym). If you work in an industry where sweat is a part of the job description, you may need to take a little bit of time off.

Can I take a shower? For the first 24 hours after treatment,  you will need to avoid getting any water on your head. This means being extra cautious when showering, so, no swimming, and definitely keep out of saunas.

Can I shave my head? With male pattern baldness, some hair may still be growing after your scalp micropigmentation procedure. You may want to shave it off so your entire head looks uniform, but this should not be done immediately. If you use an electric foil shaver, you can begin shaving the head 48 hours after treatment. If you’re using a razor blade or any other type of razor, you’ll need to wait 72 hours after treatment.

When and do I need to moisturise? On day two after your treatment, you should begin applying an “authorised” serum to the scalp frequently. Sunscreen is also an excellent option, especially if you plan on going outside without a hat. Sunscreen offers the benefits of a moisturiser while also protecting your uncovered head from UV rays (but should only be used based on the treating clinics recommendation). Because the sun can damage the scalp micropigmentation pigments used, causing them to fade and require premature touch-ups, sun screen should always be worn when outdoors without a covering for your scalp.

When can I exercise again? On day 5 after treatment, you can break a light sweat. It’s best to avoid weight lifting and cardio until day ten, however; this is when it will be okay again to work up a heavy sweat.

Scalp micropigmentation is an investment that you’ve made in yourself. If you pay attention to these aftercare guidelines, you’ll reap the benefits of this hair loss solution for years to come.

You’ll also find our videos which document our SMP clients on their first and second visits extremely useful. Be sure to give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through any other questions or concerns you may have. It’s  time to live your confident best now!

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Joshua Bakar

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