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Can SMP Help Alopecia Patients?


Visiting the doctor can be a frightening process, even when you’re a grown man. When doctors start throwing around big medical terms, your breath might catch in your chest as you wonder what these serious-sounding conditions could mean for your life. Just because a medical term sounds serious, however, doesn’t mean it actually is. For instance, the term borborygmus is the term used to describe the sound your stomach makes when it rumbles because of gas. When a physician says you have horripilation, it simply means you have goose bumps.

Alopecia is one of those medical terms that sounds scary as well. It means you have hair loss in some form, either on your head or on your body. This is one of those terms that shouldn’t be taken lightly, of course, because it can indeed be serious and cause psychological complications. However, the medical term for hair loss often makes it seem insurmountable.

The truth is, this condition doesn’t have to be the end of the world for you. While it may be scary, there is a way to camouflage it with the help of scalp micropigmentation so you can live your life feeling good about the way you look every day.

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DNA, The Hair Loss Fortune Teller


Will I lose my hair? Will I beat my dad’s luck and keep my hair? Every man wonders if he will, at some point, lose his hair. Well, pretty soon there just may be a way for you to see into the future of your hair.

At this very moment, you’re probably throwing an internal party at the excitement of identifying, and possibly curing, hair loss. Read More


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6 Most Peculiar Hair Loss Treatments In History


Today there is a surplus of hair loss treatments. Some of them work, some of them don’t, and some of them are just plain crazy. However, none of them compare to thee ludicrous hair loss solutions from the past.

In comparison to these, none of the current day hair loss solutions really seem too outlandish. Read More


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