Celebrity Strip Scars (Hair Transplant Scars)


We’re not celebrities, –well, not most of us. And many of us don’t have the financial resources or access to the hair loss treatments or hair loss clinics that celebrities (or the more financially privileged) do. After all, if your name is Tiger Woods and you’re thinking about hair loss solutions, money is not much of an object. All you really need to do is conduct the proper research, gather some first hand references, and make your choice, right? Well, not exactly.

Take a look at the photos and video below.  Famous celebrities are paying big money for hair loss solutions, but are still ending up in a worse situation than they were in originally. In the following examples you can see what appears to be hair transplant scars, also known as strip scars. Strip scars are an unwanted result of hair transplant surgery and although you may be promised that “this won’t happen to you,” we’re pretty sure these high profile professionals were given the same promise. Take a look at our findings:

Here’s a recent interview with Lebron James and what seems to be a hair transplant scar (or strip scar)

strip scar







Here is Mel Gibson with what appears to be a hair transplant scar

hair transplant scar














In the video below, Tiger Woods appears to have a strip scar. Forward to 1:11 – 1:12 and see for yourself.

Why All the Scarring?

strip scar

Unfortunately, with hair transplants, even the best surgeons and the finest procedures can result in a negative outcome. In the photo on the left, a patient had four strip procedures performed at a well known clinic over a ten year time period. According to reports, the clinic did everything right, including triophytic closure, which is touted as being an absolutely fool-proof way to make a strip scar invisible, –yet the patient healed poorly.

Of course, hopeful individuals looking for a solution to male pattern baldness often conduct denial based research. They want to find a hair loss solution so desperately that they are willing to ignore the red flags and warning signs, hoping they will be the one who experiences positive results.

Instead of this wishful, hopeful thinking, –why gamble with your appearance? SMP Clinic has a real solution to male pattern baldness and thinning hair. Scalp micropigmentation is a safe, effective hair loss treatment with instant results and no fear of scarring. In fact, SMP hair loss clinics also specialize in hair transplant scar repair. Our caring, knowledgeable and professional staff knows what it’s like to suffer on both ends of the spectrum, –from male pattern baldness and from unexpected and unwelcome negative results of hair transplant surgery. We’ve been where you’re standing today and we don’t want you to go through it alone.

Hair Transplant Scar Repair

Although Scalp Micro-Pigmentation, also known as SMP, was originally intended to be a solution for hair loss, it soon became evident that SMP also offers huge benefits to the unfortunate recipients of hair transplant surgery who are left with strip scars.

Regardless of the type of hair transplant surgery, whether strip method procedures or FUE (follicular unit extraction), scars will never be completely unavoidable. Hair transplant surgery is highly intrusive, so scarring is a natural and expected by-product.

Most individuals who suffer with hair transplant scars use hair styling techniques and caps to mask the scarring. But why? Isn’t this the same solution used for those suffering with male pattern baldness?

Whether your anxiety is caused by hair transplant scarring, balding, or thinning hair, SMP hair loss clinic has your solution. You really can stop the madness, the stress, the low self esteem, the apprehension to go out in public without a cap. You deserve to live free from this bondage, and we provide this freedom to satisfied clients every day.

With SMP, you’ll have a quick, safe, and effective method of concealing hair transplant scars without additional surgery and without continual maintenance (other than moisturizing and shaving).

Give us a call today to further discuss how SMP can work for you. Depending on the severity of your scarring, a typical strip scar requires no more than 3-4 short sessions (and sometimes less).

What About Other Types of Scalp Scars?

Of course, our staff takes each potential client on a case by case basis, but as long as your scalp scar is completely healed, SMP can generally camouflage the area. We have effectively treated patients with scars from surgeries, burns, skin conditions and accidents.

Are you ready to live free? Give us a call today.

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Joshua Bakar

SMP Clinic of Australia’s owner and founder, Joshua Bakar had endured seven separate hair transplant procedures before discovering the growth of scalp micropigmentation and the need for a quality service in Australia.
Pulling together a highly trained team, SMP Clinic sets the bar for scalp micropigmentation, employing technicians with experience in the hair transplant industry, providing them with an unparalleled depth of knowledge to offer their clients.
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