What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is an innovative technique that involves the process of precision artistic tattooing. The procedure replicates individual hair follicles, providing the look of a closely shaved scalp, not only from a distance, but up close and personal as well. As a hair loss solution this minimally invasive procedure has been met with high enthusiasm from both men and women seeking quick, safe and healthy answers to male pattern baldness, scalp scarring, and thinning hair.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation permanent?

SMP is a semi-permanent procedure that involves medically tattooing pigment on the scalp to replicate individual hair follicles. The end result is either the look of a closely shaven head or a fuller look for thinning hair. A variety of ink colours and shade variations are used to achieve the best results and the hairline can even be changed over time.

Is it a tattoo?

SMP is somewhat like a tattoo procedure, but does have vast differences (at least in our hands). These include machinery used, ink penetration mechanism’s, and custom designed SMP needles. The pigment used is not the traditional tattoo ink. It doesn’t fade to blue or green over time and is not presented to the same dermal layer of the skin. Our inks are organic, do not change colour, and last up to a few years. As your ink begins to slightly fade, it does not blend, blob, or turn into a mass. You’ll simply make an appointment for an upkeep procedure as you notice signs of slight fading.

Can any tattoo artist perform the procedure?

Our SMP technicians are different than tattoo artists because they have perfected the art of replicating hair follicles and have thousands of hours of experience, which enables them to achieve superior results. They truly treat each follicle as the individual that it is, providing proper shading to lower areas and irregularities of the scalp. There is an entire world of education behind each successful artist.

Is SMP a medical procedure?

Scalp micropigmentation is performed in medically approved conditions for sterilisation and safety, although the procedure itself does not fall under the category of “medical”.

How safe is SMP? What are the side effects?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a safe solution for male pattern baldness. The procedure does not involve invasive surgery or the use of dangerous or experimental drugs and is performed in medically sterile conditions. Side effects or documented allergic reactions to Scalp MicroPigmentation are extremely rare, although slight scalp irritation, redness or allergic reaction is never ignored or completely ruled out as a possibility. At SMP Clinic, your safety and overall well being is our main concern. We can conduct a patch test to determine skin sensitivity before beginning an entire scalp procedure if requested.

Does it hurt?

The pain level is extremely low and is considered to be far less painful than an actual tattoo. We invite you to view one of our many treatment videos to observe the level of pain for yourself.

What if I want to grow out my hair?

The SMP procedure does not prohibit hair growth, although a consultation with your technician will provide invaluable information on your exact situation and level of current baldness.

What if I am not bald, but I want to make my hair look thicker?

Scalp micropigmentation is ideal for hair thickening. The procedure decreases the contrast between scalp colour and hair colour causing the hair to appear fuller. Unlike scalp colouring, which is obvious from close range, SMP looks completely natural even under close scrutiny.

What if my hair turns grey?

Because SMP covers your balding areas, your hair will look completely natural, even as your real growth begins to come in with more grey. Once you are due for an update, you can always choose to include more grey shades in your follicle replication, but most men with grey hair are not grey all the way to the roots, so with the closely shaved hair cut, your natural hair may still appear darker.

If I continue to bald after doing the procedure, will it look natural?

Our staff is asked this question often and this is one of the main reasons we fully consult with our clients before beginning the SMP procedure. By observing your current hair loss and identifying the probability of total loss over the next several years, we are able to provide you with the right level of treatment to address your hair loss needs.

Does it look real?

Because our Scalp Micropigmentation specialists are specifically trained in hair follicle replication it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between our SMP clients and actual closely shaven scalps. Take a look at our before and after photos as well as our videos. Need a closer observation? Some of our own staff members have received SMP treatment and are always happy to be observed.

What if I can’t afford it?

Good news! We have convenient financing available to qualified individuals from as little as $25 per week. Access more information here.

Will the ink dots spread and look blurred over time?

Traditional tattoos to tend to discolour and spread over time, but the SMP technique has been especially created as a hair loss solution, so this possibility is avoided. Our natural based pigments do not contain any heavy metals, and being semi-permanent, the ink does not spread but gently fades over time. You’ll actually schedule an update visit long before this occurs, so you’ll always look fresh.

Will my hairline look natural?

Our precision technicians are fully aware of the fact that the hairline will make or break the look of your SMP procedure. We take great care to properly position the hairline chosen for you as well as employing extreme accuracy with our proven techniques. Take a look at our photo gallery. You’ll see precision and a natural looking hairline again and again.

What will I look like immediately after the procedure?

For some clients your scalp can look slightly pink immediately after the SMP procedure, very similar to a slight sunburn. The pink color is more pronounced in clients with a very light skin color and will fade away over the next 24 to 48 hours. You may also noticed a slightly more pronounced look to the ink, but this excess pigment will be removed as soon as you are able to wash your scalp.

How long before I can go back to work or my daily life?

As long as you don’t work in extreme conditions or directly in the hot sun, feel free to return to your normal routine as soon as possible.

Can SMP also hide scalp scars?

Failed hair restoration attempts, surgery, or an unfortunate accident can leave you with scalp scarring. Our SMP technicians are experts at masking all types of scalp scars. While scars from accidents are often easier for our patients to deal with emotionally, the unsightly lines caused by many hair transplant scars often cause more anxiety and lack of self confidence than male pattern balding ever could. We invite anyone with scalp scars to come in for a personal consultation. Our experienced hair restoration technicians have successfully treated numerous individuals who had lost hope of ever having the freedom to be seen in public without a cap or other type of head covering.