How Do the Celebrities Deal With Hair Loss?


In today’s world, we hold celebrities to a higher standard. We don’t like to think of them getting sick, having a bad day, or facing problems like we face, and we certainly don’t expect them to experience hair loss. While it would be fantastic if celebrities were invincible like the heroes they play on TV, however, they are human, just like us, and they face the same issues we face on a daily basis.

You may not know it, but there are many different celebrity men and women who have dealt with hair loss over the years. Some were open about their problems, while others did their best to hide both the hair loss and the solution they chose. Let’s take a look at some of your favorite celebrities and their hair loss solutions.

Celebrities and Hair Loss

hair loss solutionsElton John – There are two types of people who successfully pull off wearing wigs: women and Elton John. It’s okay, his eclectic personality has been part of his charm since 1970, so an obvious hairpiece really doesn’t surprise anyone.

Bono - While Bono wasn’t open about his hair loss problems, recent photos would indicate he has taken the path of hair transplant surgery. In past photos, it was evident that Bono was suffering from male pattern baldness, which included thinning on the top of his head. More recent photos, however, show a definite change for the better in the thickness of his hair and the amount of hair present. (Take a look at our article on celebrity strip scars / hair transplant scars.)

Donald Trump – He may have inherited much of his wealth from his father, but there’s something else running through the Trump DNA, –male pattern baldness. We love you Donald, but you sport one of the most blatant comb-overs in history. Well, at least if you’re going to have a signature look, I guess you should stick with it. Donald Trump doesn’t appear to have any plans to shade his famous ‘forward combed’ hairstyle anytime soon.

hair loss solutionsCharlie Sheen – Although he claims to have “tiger blood,” and even trademarked the phrase, it’s definitely not keeping him from losing his hair. The buzz in Hollywood suspects that Mr. Sheen is “winning” his war against hair loss with a toupee.

Prince William – And then there are some individuals who do nothing. Prince William falls into that category. Seemingly oblivious to the bald patch on the crown of his head, he hasn’t seemed to look for a more flattering hairstyle or seek out any type of hair loss solutions.

These are just a few of the celebrities that come to my mind when I think about hair loss, and what hair loss solutionscan be done. While many turn to solutions like dangerous medications, and invasive, scarring hair transplants, others are beginning to see the effectiveness of a much less painful and time consuming hair loss treatment for men: scalp micropigmentation. For men, this solution gives the look of a natural close shave while boosting self-esteem and avoiding issues that come with other hair loss solutions, like scars and side effects.

Are you looking for hair loss solutions? You aren’t alone. Many individuals, including celebrities, have experienced the same problems. At SMP hair loss clinic of Sydney, we can help you find the best solution.

Side note: If you are considering (or are currently taking) prescription medication to reverse or slow down your hair loss, we urge you to email us at We can send you a detailed report that uncovers the truth about these dangerous choices. A seemingly harmless pill can (and often does) place your health at serious and often irreversible risk.

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