Myth or Fact? Uncovering the Truth About Your Diet and Hair Loss

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You can’t always believe what you’re told or even what you read. Some viewpoints, opinions and ‘facts’ are passed down through generations, started by individuals who thought they knew what they were talking about. Some are rumors, distorted by retelling after retelling. Each of tales has one thing in common, however: they must all be taken with a grain of salt.

Men’s hair loss is no exception. There are plenty of causes of hair loss, including iron deficiencies, stress, smoking, hypothyroidism and the hormone DHT. However, there are also plenty of myths surrounding hair loss. One of the most common is diet. While there are some instances when diet can affect your hair loss and hair growth, not everything you read is true. Let’s take a look at some of the most common claims to determine what’s fact and what’s fiction.


Diet and Your Hair Loss: Myths and Facts

1. You’ll lose your hair more easily if you’re a vegetarian


Because hair need protein (specifically keratin) in order to grow, many individuals assume that vegetarians and vegans will lose their hair more easily because of the lack of meat in their diets. This isn’t the case. While keratin is produced by the amino acids found in meat, these amino acids can be found elsewhere as well, like in oatmeal, lentils and beans. All of these are staples in a vegetarian’s diet.

That being said, another common myth associated with keratin is that eating more meat will produce healthier and more abundant hair. This isn’t the case either. You can’t eat your way to a full head of hair, no matter how good a steak is.

2. Fad Diets are bad for my hair


While a fad diet may help you lose weight, it can also play a role in your hair loss as well. One of the main problems with these trendy diets is the fact that they don’t typically follow a well-balanced plan. If you are lacking in the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs, your hair will definitely feel an impact.

3. MSG causes hair loss


Scientists recently busted this myth using clinical research. Also called Monosodium Glutamate, MSG is a naturally occurring amino acid found in a lot of protein-filled foods. Some MSG is manufactured, but scientist found in their research that there were no chemical differences between the manufactured kind and the naturally occurring kind.

4. Eating Berries is Good for Your Hair


Berries and other types of fruit are full of vitamin C, which can be very beneficial to your hair. Vitamin C helps produce collagen and assists your body in absorbing iron. Just remember to leave the skin on. Don’t like berries? Reduce the chances of men’s hair loss with other Vitamin C rich foods like potatoes and broccoli.

Do you know fact from fiction when it comes to men’s hair loss? Here’s a fact for you: scalp micropigmentation can be the solution you need to camouflage your hair loss and give you back the confidence you need every day. Learn more about hair loss solutions like scalp micropigmentation today.


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