Needling has been used as a scar reducing treatment in medical facilities and hospitals for decades, but has recently gained popularity due to scar sufferers seeking safe and effective results.

What Is Needling?

What is it? This technique makes use of tiny needles that penetrate the upper and lower dermis layer of the skin, breaking down the old collagen chain. This procedure is not painful and penetrates the skin at a minimal depth, in which case the body reacts by generating new collagen and forming new bonds to repair the affected areas. What does this do for old scarring? While the new collagen is forming it helps regenerate the scar tissue, which smooths and reduces the appearance of scarring by up to 90% . While not all scarring will experience such an improvement in one session, you will see cosmetic benefits over the current state of the existing scars.

Along with collagen production, the body also produces melancantis, which are pigment producing cells. Melancantis helps to tone skin discolourations which can be a secondary effect of scalp scarring.

Other names for Needling include:

  • Intradermabrasion
  • Percutaneous Collagen Induction
  • Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation

What Types of Scars Can Be Treated With Needling?

Needling works well when treating any type of scars, except keloids, red scars or new scarring that is too fresh to treat. Besides scalp scarring from hair transplants (strip, plug, FUE scars), accidents or surgery, needling also has a high rate of success with acne scars, chicken pox scars, and burn scars.

Needling is 100% natural and works by using your own collagen and nothing else, making it a safe, effective option for just about anyone suffering from scalp or other scarring.

FAQ About Needling

  • How Long Until Results Are Seen? Most individuals see results immediately after the needling procedure is complete. The way the collagen is triggered produces a quick burst for the first few days, then a gradual decrease of the collagen formation. This process revives and results are again seen dramatically during the 4-8 week time span after the procedure. This 4-8 week block is when the height of client results are experienced.
  • Can Old Scars Be Treated? Absolutely! Actually, the older the scar the better. In general, scars should be at least 12 months old before receiving the needling procedure.
  • How Long Does the Procedure Take? A session generally lasts up to an hour, although every client is different and the time depends on the severity as well as the size of the scar. Also, keep in mind, more than one session may be necessary. This too is unique, as the results depend on an individual’s unique body regeneration abilities. After the first 4-8 week period, you will know whether a second needling procedure is necessary.

If you’ve suffered with scalp scarring and are ready to find out more about the needling procedure, give SMP Clinic a call today. Our trained professionals are advanced in their skills and knowledge of this process and ready to answer any questions you may have. Freedom from embarrassing scars is just a phone call away.