Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

SMP, or Scalp Micropigmentation, is the ultimate hair loss solution for both men and women. Proven to be safe and effective, this non-surgical precision tattoo technique replicates the look of natural hair follicles and provides clients with the appearance of a closely shaven scalp. Whether you are suffering from male pattern baldness, a skin disorder or scalp scarring form surgery or an accident, SMP is your answer. If you’re experiencing thinning hair, SMP can be used to create a look of fullness that will look completely natural and last for years. Touch-ups can be scheduled according to your own personal hair loss timeline.

Using only natural pigments, application methods, and highly trained professionals, SMP combines medical science with the art of creating thousands of individual hair follicles on your scalp. Our technicians are fully qualified in permanent cosmetics and micropigmentation treatments, and are considered to be leaders in their field.

Why can’t this be accomplished by a regular tattoo artist? Unlike traditional tattoos, the ink we use is completely organic and will not fade to blue or green over time. Our professionals also differ from tattoo artists by specialising in the specific art of recreating hair follicles. We recognise the specific nuances of individual scalps as well as the fact that follicles don’t always naturally grow in the same direction. We take the time to fully replicate the distinctions of your specific hair pattern. We also use 3-4 different shades of pigment to create the most realistic look and convincing hairline.

Micropigmentation is suitable for all types and stages of hair-loss and on all colours and skin types. The follicle recreation process generally takes place over 1-3 sessions, each lasting approximately 3-4 hours.

What Can SMP Do For You?

The Scalp Micropigmentation process will:

  • Provide you with the youthful look of a full, head of closely shaven hair
  • Provide recreation of a subtle yet full hairline (front, side and rear)
  • Permanently camouflage the symptoms of alopecia, thinning hair, crown balding or receding hairline
  • Reduce the appearance of scalp scarring (or strip scars) resulting from previous hair transplants
  • Mask birthmarks and burns

Balding is a nuisance, and can often be the cause of a lack of confidence. It can bleed into many areas of our lives, including our career and love life. If you are ready to break free and live your best life, we invite you to give SMP Clinic a call today!