Scalp micropigmentation’s precision tattoo technique replicates the look of natural hair follicles and provides clients with the appearance of a closely shaven scalp. An excellent solution for thinning hair or male pattern baldness, this safe and effective treatment is also ideal for reducing the appearance of scalp scarring.

Why Cover up the Scars?

Some scars are like a badge of honor, gained during childhood or some risk taking youthful adventure. We may not mind those. Other scars are obtained through a traumatic accident, medical surgery, or strip scars obtained from a hair transplant surgery gone wrong. These can leave very different emotional imprints and are connected to low self esteem, anxiety, and depression.

A lack of self-confidence can change how a man looks at himself and the world around him. Balding, the search for solutions, surgery, and subsequent scarring from a botched procedure can lead to a life of isolation, fear, and hopelessness. Some may resort to wearing head coverings and caps in public to cover up the scars.

At SMP Clinic, we can help! Our scalp micropigmentation process will not only give you the appearance of having a real head of closely shaven hair, but our hair restoration technicians have advanced skills with concealing scalp scars. We have helped hundreds of clients to literally walk in with anxiety and leave confident and free once again.

How Realistic are the Results?

Do the results look real? Even up close? The short answer to this question is, yes!
To further explain, scalp micropigmentation, can be used in two different ways.

If you are shaving or “buzzing” the head down for the scalp micropigmentation treatment, then the results will depend on the age and appearance of your scars. Our technicians will take into consideration:

  • How raised and indented your scars are
  • Age of the scars
  • The colour of the scar vs the skin tone around it
  • How smooth the scar is

And, of course, the results will depend on the skill of your technician. At SMP Clinic, our technicians are educated professionals who have been highly trained and have thousands of hours of the SMP procedure behind them.

If your hair is longer, and you’re simply looking into scalp micropigmentation to help camouflage the scar tissue, as opposed to a complete hair loss treatment solution. Then the state of the scar tissue won’t be as important, but will still play a role in how easily the scar is concealed.

Why is Scar Tissue so Important to the Process?

Scars aren’t as predictable as normal skin.

  • The pigmentation of a scar can be different.
  • The cellular structure of the tissue is irregular compared to normal skin.
  • The level of fading and retention from the scalp micropigmentation treatment can vary from one from one scar to another.

Results are always favourable, but depending on the condition and age of your scarring, you you may need multiple sessions before achieving the desired results.

At SMP Clinic, we know you may have tried a number of hair loss treatment options in the past, and some of them may have left your scalp scarred and your self-confidence shaken. Let us help. We have the skills to reduce the visibility of scars, regardless of their cause. We regularly treat clients with scarring from:

  • Hair transplant procedures
  • Auto-immune discorder
  • Medical procedures and trauma (or accident) scarring
  • Skin disorder or disease scarring

Unsure whether you’re a candidate for scalp micropigmentation to conceal your scalp scarring? Give us a call and come in for a free consultation.

Freedom is waiting.