The Balding and Suicide Connection

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For men who experience baldness, the loss of hair is more than just a physical issue, it’s a psychological one as well. Many men link their self-image to their hair; it determines how sexy and manly they think they are. They measure their worth and virility by it. So, when they begin losing their hair, their self-esteem can plummet.

This can easily lead to depression, especially when combined with other unfortunate circumstances in the man’s life, like losing a job, breaking up with a spouse, or suffering a financial loss. It changes a man’s entire perception about himself.

Suicide and Baldness

Below is a screen capture of a blog article we found, describing one man’s emotional pain connected to male pattern baldness. This only represents one of many we found.

male pattern baldness

If you’re a girlfriend, spouse, or simply a friend who has never experienced hair loss, it may seem unfathomable to you that male pattern baldness could actually lead to suicide.

But it can.

How do we know? Let’s look at some facts.

  1. Suicide is the number one killer of men under the age of 44 in Australia
  2. 80% of suicides in Australia are men
  3. Suicide is the second highest killer of men ages 35 to 49
  4. Men are much more likely to be successful (no pun intended) at attempting suicide than women

Suicide becomes much more likely when men are dealing with problems in their lives, like low self esteem caused by hair loss, relationship troubles, financial loss, and abuse of alcohol.

The story above of a young man dealing with male pattern baldness from a young age is very telling, however, and good news if your loved one is suffering in silence. There are symptoms you can look for to help you identify when your loved one is depressed and considering suicide as an option to alleviate the low self-image caused by hair loss. Many men will:

  1. Begin acting impulsively
  2. Lose interest in activities they previously enjoyed
  3. Begin performing poorly at work
  4. Start abusing drugs or alcohol
  5. Change their sleeping habits
  6. Change their eating habits
  7. Give away possessions

About 75% of individuals who show signs of suicidal behavior will attempt suicide. The warnings should always be taken seriously.

So, What’s the Solution?

Are you feeling hopeless? Do you feel helpless? Do you feel alone? If your men’s hair loss is causing you to feel self-conscious about your appearance, depressed, or even suicidal, know you are not going through this pain by yourself. Take a look at someone just like you had to say about it:

male pattern baldness

male pattern baldnessIf you’re feeling suicidal because of the way your hair loss has changed the way you think about your worth, your sexuality, or your manliness, there is help available. Don’t wait any longer to ask for it.

Contact one of these hotlines to reach caring professionals who will listen to what you are experiencing and assist you in finding the help you need.

Suicide Prevention Foundation (24/7)

Phone: 1800 465 366

Location: Australia Wide

Suicide Callback

Phone: 1300 659 467

Location: Australia Wide

Kids Help line (Ages 5-25)

Phone: 1800 55 1800

Location: Australia Wide

Lifeline Australia

Phone: 13 11 14

Location: National

These hotlines are available 24/7 and are staffed with caring, helpful counselors. If you aren’t comfortable calling a hotline, contact a counselor in your area that you can talk to. Discussing how you are feeling and getting help from a professional is the first step to learning how to change your perception of yourself. And, it could save a life: yours.

Once you’ve taken this step, then, and only then, should you begin considering hair loss solutions.



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