What Do Women Really Think About a Shaved Head?


For most men, finding a hair loss treatment becomes a top priority at the first sign of balding. Some men turn to creams, lotions, medications, and even surgery before realising that the best treatment option is scalp micropigmentation. This type of treatment, which is similar to a tattoo, gives the appearance of a closely shaven head.

While many men would prefer the shaved head look to a receding hairline, thinning hair or balding at the top of the scalp, some find it difficult to take this leap. Why? Because they are afraid of what the women in their lives might think.

Can You Rock a Shaved Head?

If you are quickly losing your hair, you might be considering scalp micropigmentation for the closely shaved head look. But can you really pull it off? The shaved look dramatically changes your appearance, but then again, so does losing your hair. The majority of men will look fantastic will this look, and while the right head shape can affect whether this style looks good on you, that isn’t the most important factor necessary for pulling off this look.

It’s confidence!

Confidence is key to rocking any hairstyle, including the buzz cut. You have to believe you look good before anyone else will. This is one of the biggest problems men have when shaving their head or taking advantage of a hair loss treatment like scalp micropigmentation. They aren’t confident in their appearance, because they worry that women around them will no longer be attracted to them.

What do Women Think of Men With the Shaved Look?

In reality, whether a women is attracted to a man with a shaved look depends entirely on the woman’s own opinion. Some women love the shaved look, while others don’t, no matter who is sporting it.

The majority of women, however, can agree that the closely shaved look offers several benefits over a full head of hair. Let’s take a look at what those benefits might be.


Yes, youth. Contrary to popular opinion, hair loss in men doesn’t have to mean you look older than your years. In fact, with scalp micropigmentation you can actually look younger. The shaved look is popular among young men, and adopting it means you take on a younger appearance. Plus, many women judge a man’s age by the colour of his hair and its thickness, and with these out the way, that judgment can no longer exist.


A new study by a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania found that men with the closely shaved look are considered to be much more manly. Out of his 60 participants, the hair-challenged men of the group were thought to be stronger, more masculine, and better qualified for leadership roles.


That quality that helps you pull off a shaved look? Women notice it. They see how confident you are, and they find it to be very sexy. They see you and your closely shaved head as a testament to your confidence and your ability to take charge of your own life. Why wouldn’t they be attracted to you?

Around the internet, women are voicing their opinion. Here are just a few quotes from women on the shaved look:

Mammamia1, loveshack.org- “To me, bald or shaved guys are equally attractive as others. I don’t understand why guys are so concerned about that.”

 MsV, askmen.com- ”Just be yourself, wear it the way YOU want, and then act like you know you made the right decision.”

Celebrities Who Rock the Shaved Head Look

Still not convinced that women are attracted to men with the closely shaved look? Then let’s consider a few celebrities who currently have (or have had) this look.

men's hair loss

Matt Damon

Matt Damon recently shaved his head for a role in the movie Elysium. He looks confident, stylish, and ‘no’ his wife (Luciana Barroso) has not left him. In fact, they renewed their wedding vows in April.

male pattern baldnessSeann William Scott

Is there any doubt, this hilarious and sexy actor couldn’t get any woman he wanted? While his recent engagement to Victoria Secret model Lindsay Frimodt might have ended, we doubt it had anything to do with his new shaved look, which he generally sports with some rugged facial hair to enhance his strong jaw line and cheek bones.

men's hair loss

Channing Tatum 

Walk up to a group of women and say his name. You will quickly find out what women think of his shaved head.

Worried that a hair loss treatment like scalp micropigmentation might hurt you in the eyes of women? Don’t be. Now that you know what women really think, you’re ready for the next step.

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